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Spiders hatching in high numbers


September 26, 2007

Albany-- Most of us are not particularly fond of spiders, but they're not all bad. They actually help control other insects and pests. This years drought in Georgia has meant high numbers for the overall bug population, but what does that mean for the new generation of spiders that have hatched.
"spiders are starting to hatch out at the end of the summer, and they call it a late season phenomenon. There is one generation of spiders and we are starting to see them in abundance, especially garden spiders with there big webs. We are starting to notice them more" said Dougherty County Extension Agent James Morgan.

Most species of spiders are harmless, but no one really wants the eight legged uninvited guests inside their home. Here are a few things you can do outside the home to cut down on spiders.

"remove any type of mulch that you have close to your house, in a three foot band. Take away there nesting places, remove piles of wood and go ahead and burn it. Seal up all your cracks, doors and windows, even the smallest place they will get in" said Dougherty County Extension Agent James Morgan.
Remember spiders like to eat other bugs. So, if you spray for other pests, you'll likely diminish their food supply and make your home a less inviting place for them to find a meal.

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