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Commissioners Say YES to Riverfront District

September 25, 2007

Albany - - Albany City Commissioners officially approved a new downtown Riverfront District Tuesday.

It's designed to encourage development on both sides of the Flint and boost traffic downtown with more entertainment. A late addition to the plan will allow musicians to play live up to 2:55 AM on the weekends.

Although it passed, not all commissioners are thrilled with the plan.  

"I had some concerns about some of the provisions like the instance about the store front, I don't think that's legal, some of the requirements that are going to be imposed and also some of the proximity requirements and the noise restrictions are a little bit vague and we'll have trouble enforcing them," said Bo Dorough.

Commissioner Dorough says the city should have waited until a Downtown Manager is hired before moving forward with the district.

At a public hearing Tuesday, no one spoke for or against the plan.


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