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Albany Businesses to Pay Their Dues

September 25, 2007

Albany - -  City commissioners approved changes to business fees Tuesday, but most businesses won't see much of a difference in how much they pay.

The city is changing the way the fees are calculated to try to make the process less complicated and more efficient. Commissioners considered four proposals, one of which would have increased overall collections by more than 42 percent. But they chose the plan that keeps fees for most businesses about the same.  

"We don't want to hurt any business or drive them out of the community obviously," says Interim Finance Director Kris Newton.

The minimum occupational tax remains $100 and the top figure for the most profitable businesses is still $7600.

Businesses will soon be able to access all the paperwork they need online. City leaders say that will also help them keep better track of which businesses fail to pay their annual fees.


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