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Valdosta hopes to ease congestion

September 25, 2007

Valdosta - Anyone who lives in Valdosta knows, the city is growing. But as the population increases, so is the traffic.  "We are growing, we are growing very fast and we can't afford not to take care of traffic," says City Engineer Von Shipman.

And it's showing no signs of slowing down.

So the City of Valdosta has hired a consultant from Atlanta to help identify how they can help ease congestion and growing pains.  "We are going to look at where the growth patterns are predicting. Where we are going to grow? Where are we going to decline and what traffic counts are going to be generated in those areas."

Using that information, they'll come up with a traffic master plan, laying out project priorities which will begin as soon as its approved by City Council.  "Once that is adopted, we will have our marching orders for the foreseeable future," Shipman says.

But before it hits council chambers in next March, they want your input.

They are sending out survey's to all utility customers and have set up survey boxes at numerous locations throughout the city.  "The most important thing is let your voice be known. Let us know where you are having good, bad, or ugly traffic situations."

All of you suggestions will be considered with all data collected to help assure Valdosta roads grow with the city.

Once approved, the master plan will be revisited every five years to make any necessary changes as the city continues to expand.



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