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Another victim of domestic violence

Ronnie Faircloth (Dougherty Co. Jail) Ronnie Faircloth (Dougherty Co. Jail)

September 25, 2007

Albany -- A Leesburg man is charged with murdering his wife at a Northwest Albany apartment Monday night. Police found 45-year-old Ronnie Faircloth drinking beer outside the apartment where his wife, 42-year-old Norma Faircloth lay dead on the kitchen floor.

He asked officers if he could get another beer out of the refrigerator, next to her body.  

Paramedics were called to the apartment at the Nottingham North around 10:45. They called police when they found Norma Faircloth, shot in the head, dead on the kitchen floor.

She had separated from her husband, Ronnie Faircloth, Friday and moved into the apartment. Police say Faircloth appeared intoxicated, and told them he went to the apartment to try to patch things up with his wife, and then left to buy beer.

When he returned he told Officers he found the door to the apartment open, and his wife on the floor. He called a relative, who called 911. Investigators found a .9 millimeter shell casing on the kitchen floor, but no gun. They are still searching for it.  

"That's why officers are still in that area, concentrating on the apartment and the surrounding area of the complex," said Albany Police Lt. Kendra Wilson.

Investigators are also searching around the Faircloth home in Lee County for the gun. Faircloth is in the Dougherty County jail.

This is the 7th murder in Albany this year, and the second domestic violence murder in a month.

It was August 22nd when 24-year old Jessica Acres was stabbed to death outside her home on Crescent Street. The man she was trying to break up with, Ernest Sims is in jail charged with killing her.

  • There have been eight murders in Albany this year.
    • March 14th - Jack Camp
    • Apr. 23rd - Demetrius Vicks
    • Apr. 28th - George Ponder
    • May 10th - Terrence Brown
    • June 18th - Antonio Daniels
    • June 24th - Latoya Brentley
    • Aug. 22nd - Jessica Acres
    • Sept. 24th - Norma Faircloth

For comparison, there were eight total in 2006 and also in 2005.

There were five in 2004 and six in 2003.


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