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10 Country: Dorise's Never Ending Peace

September 25, 2007

 Tift Co. -- Some people want inner piece so badly they will put their lives in danger by taking illegal drugs, or travel great distances in hopes of discovering it.

      But a particular woman doesn't have to take a life-threatening risk or spend big bucks to find peace by taking a few steps out her back door.

      Few people realize that a peaceful life might be closer than they think, perhaps right in front of them, and they don't have to travel long distances to try and find it.

     "This is where I start my day," says Dorise Yancey, after she walks down the backdoor steps and into her large flower garden.

      No rush hour traffic. The fastest thing moving is a butterfly.

      "That's what my garden brings me is peace," says Dorise, "Very cheap peace." She buys a few flowers occasionally but most of the time she roots her own.

     Her garden is a reflection of her preferences.

 "Purples and blues and pinks are my favorite colors," says Dorise.

      Nature welcomes her with its marvels, as if plants reach out to touch her, where plant leaves seem to have brush strokes of color, where bees naturally get into their jobs.

"Absolutely," says Dorise.

            One time, she felt all insects were bad, but not anymore. Insects don't fear for their lives because she doesn't use pesticides. Peace for them and for her.

      "We need something we can totally lose ourselves in and forget about everything else," says Dorise.

      Only weeds have something to worry about.

"They're nuisances," says Dorise as she pulls a couple of them out by their roots.

      She loses herself in horticultural nirvana.

    "I feel energy in the soil. I really do feel energy in there," says Dorise as she plants a clump of daylilies.

      The soil's energy somehow flows to her.

"It gives me energy as well," says Dorise.

       Energy to give 500 hours of her time to teach elementary school students about gardening as part of the 21st Century Community Learning Center.

       Her favorite gardening student lives near-by, where they share blood and earthly bonds. Dorise teaches her six year-old grandson, Ethan, and he enjoys it.

 "I love having him with me," says Dorise.

      She took Ethan to her garden as an infant, and now he shares her love for natural beauty.

     He has his own garden spot where he selects all the plants and decides how to use the available space. Dorise lets him made the decisions, and occasionally she might try to redirect his thinking if he gets too far out.

       For Dorise Yancey, peace to her soul comes in various colors, everyday without traveling far and wide to find something that thrives in her own backyard.

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