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Cuff getting his kicks at Albany State

September 24, 2007

Albany -- The Albany State kicking team getting a breath of fresh air this season.

Actually, a better analogy may be a bottle of fine wine.

Freshman Patrick Cuff is handling the place kicking duties for the Rams this year, after wrapping up his playing career at Albany high school over a decade ago, meaning crooked goal posts aren't the kickers only obstacle.

Cuff is also the head coach of the Terrell Academy junior high football team, and the girls varsity soccer team.

While playin

g, coaching, and going to class isn't easy, Cuff says its great to be back on the field. "Playing here are Albany State is really awesome," says Cuff.  "Albany High was a great time...12 years ago. Playing here at Albany State is different. A lot bigger guys, and the pace of the game is a lot faster."

Cuff still has three years of eligibility remaining after this season.

The kicker is a bit older than most first-time college athletes, after graduating from Albany high school during Bill Clinton's first term in the oval office.

Rams head coach Mike White says the kicking game has been pretty good, but there's always room for improvement.

"Our field goals have made it across, and they've been good, but we still have to execute that a little bit better," says White.  "We've had some of those line drives, and some things we still need to work on. "

Cuff adds, "I'm still trying to come back now. I'm still not where I need to be, or where the coaches need me to be, especially on kickoffs, but we're slowly getting there."

Cuff was named SIAC special teams player of the week earlier in the season after knocking home a 46-yard field goal.

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