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South Albany neighborhood shaken after gang activity

September 24, 2007

Albany -- People who live on Willard Avenue awoke Sunday morning to a sound no one wants to hear. "I was up at about four o'clock and I heard shooting. I thought it was in the back," said Rev. Louis Miles. 

The horror got worse for Kerrieda Reese who had ten children in her home at the time for a sleep over. "We heard the first gun shot and I just laid on the floor and turned off the lights in the living room. I heard the shots getting closer and said get my children, get my children," said Reese.

The group of men shooting in the streets targeted her home. "It was reported that several individuals gained entrance to a residence. And we are working this case as an aggravated assault, as well as a robbery case. We are looking at it possibly being gang related," said Albany Police, Lt James Williams.

"We closed the door and put the mattress against the window and hid in the closet," said Reese.

It all started with a fight at Big Daddy's Lounge. "There was a fight at one of the local night clubs here in Albany and it spilled over to 616 Willard Ave," said Lt. Williams.

But this isn't the first time that gang-related activity has gone on here. "I don't want nobody to get shot. I don't know which way its coming . It just sounds like pow, pow, pow, pow. Like its the Fourth of July or New Years," said Walter Berry.

Walter Berry has lived on this street for over 30 years, but the violence has scared him off. "I am ready to get away from it right away. I am fed up with it. Too much violence going on. I don't know what the problem is, but I am running away from it," said Berry.

But the people who can't move just want all the violence to stop. Albany Police are still investigating this incident. They do have leads, but are not releasing names at this time. Anyone with information can call 436-TIPS.


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