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Recreation Department records studied by DOL

September 24, 2007

Albany --  The Albany Recreation and parks department is under investigation for possible employee payroll discrepancies.

The Department of Labor is trying to find out if overtime pay was fairly distributed, if time sheets were properly filled out, and if the Rec Department is correctly classifying employees.

The city acknowledges the investigation and is working with investigators. Suzanne Davis took over as Director of Albany Recreation and Parks less than a year ago.

But she also took over a potential mess when it comes to payroll procedures and policy.

"From what I understand the Department of Labor changed the classification status in 2005, that's exempt from non-exempt employees," Davis said.

Basically, they changed who is or is not eligible for overtime, but the department for whatever reason, didn't follow suit.

"When they did change that, some of our people may have had to have their classification changed, and that has not happened yet," Davis said.

That means some people worked overtime and weren't paid for it.

The department of labor is also looking to make sure that workers reported the actual times they were at work on their time sheets. That's something Davis wants to make sure is done properly now.

"We have basically told everyone, we have a handwritten payroll sheet, we want them to continue to report the time they actually work, so if they come in at 8:15, we want their payroll sheet to say 8:15 and if they leave at 5:30 or 6, it needs to be accurate,"  said Davis.

And she says whatever problems there may have been, or currently exist at the department, she plans to correct.

"We've given all the information they asked for and welcome them to come in. Like I said, if we do have a problem, we need to fix it," said Davis.

Including compensating employees who may have worked without pay, and making sure they're classified correctly.

The Labor Department is reviewing files from 2005 through August 2007.  The Rec Department was without a director during part of that time period.


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