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DUI Wreck Victim Speaks From Hospital Bed

September 21, 2007

Albany - - A Leesburg man seriously injured in a motorcycle wreck caused by a suspected drunk driver talked to WALB from his hospital bed. Police say 52 year old Sherry Adams was driving under the influence when she hit 36 year old Stacy Cook. We've learned Adams was convicted of DUI two other times. The victim hopes his story will spark an effort to get drunk drivers off the road for good.

36 year old Stacy Cook is surrounded by his mother, wife and two kids as he recovers at Phoebe Putney. The love doesn't cover the pain.

"Hurting. my hip is hurting. My legs are hurting pretty good," Cook says.

Tuesday evening a suspected drunk driver hit him as he rode his motorcycle on South Slappey Blvd. The wreck left him with a broken leg, fractured pelvis and a broken thumb.

Police say 52 year old Sherry Adams caused it. Cook won't be able to return to work for three months.

"It's going to be hard," Cook says before erupting in tears.

His family wonders why the driver who hit him is still able to drive. In 2001, Adams was convicted of DUI and paid a $594 fine. It happened again just a year later. She plead guilty and paid a $551 fine. In both cases, she got her license back.

"Why in the world would this driver still be on the roads?" we asked Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards.

"Well I can't speak on the particular case you're referencing right now because it is pending before the courts," he said.

However, Edwards says usually after a third offense the Department of Motor Vehicles can declare a person a habitual violator.

"From that point they should not be driving and that could be for a period up to five years," he says.

That would making it a felony for the offender to drive at all. That determination is made on a case by case basis.

Cook's family hopes drivers who drive drunk are listening.

"I hope that people will pay more attention to motorcyclists and that people will quit driving drunk because they almost killed him," wife Nena Cook says.

Adams bailed out of jail the day after the wreck, paying $1900.

If you would like to donate to the Cook family, you can visit any area Colony Bank and ask about the Stacy Cook Donation fund.

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