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Speaker takes tax plan to South Georgia

September 21, 2007

Fitzgerald ---  It's a controversial proposal. Georgia House Speaker Glenn Richardson wants to do away with property taxes.   

At a town hall meeting in Fitzgerald Friday, Richardson said the money generated from a Georgia sales tax would be enough to replace the money the state gets in ad valorem taxes.

The sales tax would be included in everything from groceries to labor services.   

But some need convincing. "Ben Hill County in particular, being a rural county I have concern that we could generate enough sales tax to fund our city county and school board, but I am interested in the formula that is yet to be written, to see how the state will distribute the money through out," said Fitzgerald City Commissioner Jason Holt.  

The speaker said the tax would ensure that everyone that benefited from Georgia's roads and schools would also contribute to the state, regardless if they filed their income taxes in Georgia.

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