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Co-ed documents her Jena journey

September 21, 2007

Albany --  More than 150 Albany State students attended the rally in Jena, Louisiana and arrived back in Albany, bleary eyed around 5:00 Friday morning.

One of those students, Knarquelya O'Neal, videotaped her experience.

"It was very passionate, everyone was passionate about the situation going on. There were mothers in the crowd passionate about you know, we all have sons we all have children. They should be educated not incarcerated," said O'Neal.

"The community's really small even when we drove through we witnessed a guy on a four wheeler trying to scare the crowd, he had an actual rifle with him and the police had to tell him to ride off, I guess back to his neighborhood.

"A lot of people took it as a black and white issue, but it's really an issue with everyone it's not just black against white, everyone deserves equality.

"Some people waived, some people weren't so friendly but I just wanted to capture the whole surroundings because were walking through a neighborhood, like people could not actually leave their yards because we were in their street.

"When he stepped to the podium he had an American Flag, and a black panther told him 'Put that racist flag down.' It's not just about that, it's not just about black and white. If I had the chance to speak, I would want to say it's for everyone, for equality across the world."

The ASU students said they think they really made a difference, in part because money they raised helped the last student in jail make his bond.


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