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Don't let the skeeters produce more

September 21, 2007

Albany --  South Georgia health officials remind you that this is the peak of the danger season for West Nile Virus.

This weekend's rain showers could become a breeding ground for deadly mosquitoes.

Environmental Control workers in Dougherty County are busy treating low lying areas with larvacide spray today, preparing for standing water after the rain showers.

They say you can help control the mosquitoes around your home, by inspecting for standing water after the rain.

"Water that is in any kind of container will breed mosquitoes. Toys have been a real problem for us. People don't really recognize a lot of toys have been left outside," said Environmental Control Manager Donnell Mathis.  

Health officials have said that this summer's drought will make the West Nile Virus danger continue well into October, so keeping standing water under control is vital.


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