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Twister damages property, but not people

September 21, 2007

Ware County --  A tornado in Ware County made a mess of a small community near Waycross, uprooting giant trees, toppling trailers, and even throwing porches and barns onto other peoples property.

County leaders say it's the first that's touched down in years, and they're just lucky no one was injured.

At 4:30 Friday morning, the Rouse family awoke to an alarm by the National Weather Service that a tornado was spotted in Ware County. "We got up and with in just a few minutes, the lights went out, the TV went out, and all off a sudden we heard a big roar coming," said Michael Rouse.

"Like we always hear, it sounded like a freight train. Didn't actually see anything but heard the rumbling. One gentleman I spoke with said it shook his house pretty hard," said Ware County EMA Director Jonathan Daniell.

In minutes it was gone but left 35 homes without power. And made a mess of their neighborhood on Lovett Road. "His front porch blew off and blew into the back of his house and blew it up into his window right there," said Michael Rouse.

"There were some campers that were blown over by the winds and blown onto a small Nissan pick-up truck," Daniell said. It uprooted massive trees and tore up property.  

"The tin that wraps around this tree is part of the barn that came off from the neighbors across the road from us." B. J. Rouse said.

But they say its the mess they can handle because no one was injured in the storm. "I never dreamed we'd ever go through a tornado, but I was so thankful that the tree went this way and hit the shelter instead of hitting the house."

Power has been restored to all the homes, although many still are without phone and cable. Insurance adjusters are expected to stop by Monday to estimate the damage.


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