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First Lady Mary Perdue wish Dougherty foster children Happy Birthday

September 20, 2007

Albany -- Through the years, Yvonne Terrell sang Happy Birthday to four of her own children and nearly 50 foster kids. "My kids were all grown and out of the home, and I had plenty of room and enough love to spread among all the kids. So I decided to go into foster care," said Terrell.

She has been a foster parent for 12 years, and says it's one of the best things she has ever done in her life. "You get more love than you set out. And its just been a great experience," said Terrell.

Thursday, her foster children and others from the Albany area celebrated their birthdays at the Flint Riverquarium. They ate, received gifts and learned about some interesting reptiles.

First Lady Mary Perdue was there to give out cake and pass out her message about foster care. "I firmly believe for us to the very best that we need to have community awareness and involvement with children," said Perdue.

Many children are in need of temporary homes in Georgia. Several agencies have to reject them because there isn't one available. "This week I had turn down one that really, really needed placement, but I didn't have a home," said Director of Family Foster Care at Open Arms, Mary Jackson.

A problem that Perdue is working to make stop. "We know that not everyone will become a foster parent, though we need good foster parents across the state. But we also know that there are ways for them to participate and make a big difference in a life of a child," said Perdue.

Yvonne's foster children focus on having fun and being kids. And she just knows that she is the lucky one.

The Junior League of Albany will continue to have birthday parties for foster children in Dougherty County throughout the year. Anyone interested in becoming a foster parent can contact the Division of Family and Children at 1-877-210-5437.


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