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Big industry makes Thomasville its U.S. base

September 20, 2007

Thomasville--Thomasville is the new home to an $8 million manufacturing facility that promises to add new jobs in the coming years.   WILO, a German based company is one of the world's largest manufactures of water and waste water pumps.  

While they have manufacturing facilities worldwide, Thomasville is the very first North American site, and will serve as the company's North American headquarters.  

Despite the drizzle of rain, a crowd of more than 200 came out to celebrate with leaders of the Wilo group, the grand opening of their Thomasville facility.  "Certainly it is a good foundation for us in Thomasville. Thomasville is excellently located," said Thomas Halstrick, President of WILO North America. 

By choosing Thomasville as the site for their first North American manufacturing faciilty, the international partnership is sure to be a boost for the city, and leaders here couldn't be happier.  "This truly is a commitment, $8 million commitment from the facility but even more so it's a commitment to creating jobs in the economy, sustaining the economy in Thomasville," said Steve Sykes, Thomasville's City Manager.   

Terry Rouse, President and CEO of WILO EMU USA added, "We plan our growth, job opportunities here as well. And we want to be a part of the community, so we'll do our part to help the community grow."

As of right now WILO EMU USA the American arm of the company, has 22 Thomasville employees. But the new facility sits on 10 acres, and they have definite plans for expansion.  "Its a location that we can certainly build on in the future, as the market permits of course," said Halstrick. 

Sykes added, "I think the future is unlimited, the jobs that they have today I know they plan to grow, the facility here's expandable. I don't think there's a limit to the potential they have to expanding the North American market."

The facility is certainly a unique addition to the Thomasville landscape. The facility features a 20 foot test tank to test their submersible pumps--cutting edge technology.  "This allows us to do certified testing here in the states rather than doing it in Germany, and we'll bring customers here to the facility to witness the testing as it takes place," explained Rouse.

Right now the facility will focus on manufacturing parts, with a view to begin making the pumps as the market for them here grows.

Wilo broke ground on their Thomasville facility June of 2006. The project was designed and coordinated our of Thomasville, using local labor, another boost to the city's economy.


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