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Nuclear power... Cheaper and Cleaner

September 20, 2007

Albany - With record breaking temperatures this summer, your high power bills are probably at the front of your mind, the good news is that the folks who supply you that power are just as concerned.

For the first time since the early 90's Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia officials met here in Albany Thursday. One of the topics they discussed?  Nuclear power. Right now, a little less than half of the power MEAG uses comes from nuclear power plants, but that is likely to increase over the next ten years.

Permitting is underway for expansion of a nuclear power plant in East Georgia and that could actually mean cheaper prices for your electricity. It's cheaper than natural gas, plus it burns cleaner than coal.

Board member Carol Fullerton said, "Nuclear at this point is the cleanest and the least expensive of those options so that's why we're looking at joining in with all the other MEAG cities and counties."

WG&L General Manager Lem Edwards said, "Nuclear is really going to be the cheapest form of power in the future."

Water, Gas and Light commissioners are expected to vote to endorse the power plant expansion later this year. It could take until 2016 until that expansion is complete.



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