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Teens tape getting high and post it on web

September 19, 2007

Ochlocknee-- Like many others, state Senator John Bulloch was alarmed when he learned about the powerful affects of the Salvia drug.  "I was real surprised but then I went on the internet and just put in Salvia in Google. And almost a million different articles or posting of Salvia on the internet," says Bulloch.

Websites on Salvia not only tell browsers about what the drug is and does, it tell you where to find it, and you can even buy it online.  "Its available, its available right here in south Georgia," Bulloch says.

Even scarier than the websites just talking about Salvia, now teens are video taping and posting their experiences on websites like youtube.  Bulloch says, "I went to YouTube and saw all these different postings. And I looked at a lot of them. And its just, its scary, the high that it creates.  The hallucination effect that it puts on the body and the dangers of young people, if they have other medical problems maybe their not aware of. This high could really create problems for them."

Bulloch proposed a bill that would make selling or having it in your possession a misdemeanor in Georgia.  "The Georgia state senate passed the bill out, got it over in the house, its still a live bill for next session," he explains.  And Georgia is not alone in taking action to get rid of the drug.  Bulloch adds, "There are roughly 15 states now that have passed laws or have study committee looking at the law."

Bulloch hopes eventually the United States will ban Salvia on a federal level.  Other non-hallucinagenic versions of Salvia can be found growing here. This strain, Salvia Divorium is native to Mexico, not the U.S., and would be the only form banned.


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