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Florida helps Reed Bingham battle weeds

September 19, 2007

Reed Bingham - Experts from Florida were at a south Georgia State Park today trying to help with a pesky weed problem.

The weeds on the lake at Reed Bingham State Park have gotten so bad, they are beginning to affect other bodies of water in Georgia and Florida.

Wednesday, the Florida Department of Environmental Protection came to battle the water hyacinth. The thick weeds with floating roots originate at Reed Bingham and float downstream to the Withlacoochee and Suwanee Rivers.

They say it could get out of control.  "We have to control it. If we didn't control it, it would eventually take over the waterways and we couldn't get boats and things in it. And it would over power the natural plants and native plants that were already there," says Jack Layer, applicator Florida Environmental Consultants Incorporated. 

Today they sprayed a chemical on the weeds that should make them grow so fast they will out grow their food source and die.

They hope it will help Reed Bingham rid the park of it's weed woes for good.

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