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Clock ticks on "Do Not Call'

September 19, 2007

Albany -- Telemarketers could be targeting you again. If you registered your phone number in the first months after the Don Not Call list was created, your registration may have expired giving telemarketers access to your number again.

For some like Alice Adams aggravating telemarketer calls have started again. "We have children away so, I have the phone outside with me so, I get it all the time," she said.

Five years ago, she and her husband registered on the 'Do Not Call' list to weed out some of the calls they were getting.

She doesn't give numbers out, but recently the calls started again, it's because the registration is only good for five years and has expired. "Yes, but it started back, so I did not realize we had to register again."

Re-registering your number is easy, simple go to the website:   

Do not call registry
Click on register now, enter your area code and phone number, your e-mail address and click submit.

You then have to confirm your registration with your e-mail account. The state Department of Human Resources is encouraging everyone to re-register, especially older Georgian who may fall victim to phone scams.

 It lets them know that you don't want to be called, regardless of the incident, that way if you do receive a call you know it's most likely not a legitimate person.

Alice Adams realizes the dangers. "Especially since the older citizens are being preyed upon like that are with the scams and things."

She plans to re-register, just as soon as the replanting is done.


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