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City To Change Business Tax Guidelines

September 18, 2007

Albany - - The city of Albany is trying to make it easier for businesses to renew their licenses and pay their annual fees.

Business owners came to a public hearing Tuesday night to learn how the proposed changes will affect them.

The city hasn't changed how it taxes businesses or how it collects those taxes since 1995. A committee wanted to increase the base rate by $50 and make forms available over the Internet.

City leaders say many businesses get away without paying the annual business tax and they want to change that.  

"We've spent a year and a half and we worked on it, we had a committee from several different departments who worked on it to try to make it easier for everyone to do. You cant make people comply and cant make people mind, if they cant figure out how to work it," says Interim Finance Director Kris Newton.

Business owners want the committee to reconsider increasing the base tax rate.

In the past, the tax was calculated based on number of employees and projected revenue. The proposal would not take into account the number of employees and would base the fee on revenue from the previous year.


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