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New APD officers build confidence within the community

September 18, 2007

Albany -- Seventeen new Albany Police officers will soon hit the streets, working to keep you safe.

The people those officers vowed to protect and serve are glad more cops will be on the beat.

Anne Marie Rhodes has seen a lot of changes in her Albany neighborhood. She and her neighbors on Sharon Avenue say crime was once unheard of, now, not so much.

"Burglars are our biggest problem right now. The biggest crime around here is burglary, and it doesn't matter if the people are around here or not. They are walking up and down the streets at all times," she said.

Rhodes sees additional Albany Police officers as a blessing in keeping her and her family safe.

She said, "We needed them real bad. Really bad. So I am so glad they're here."

While seventeen officers may not sound like a huge number, citizens believe the new additions will help in areas like response times.

"I've had to call the police in the last year on some crime that was going on around this area. But I am so glad for the new officers, and I hope that I can get some assistance quicker than I have in the past," said Rhodes.

"We live somewhat distant to the police station. We have districts now, but the response time has been a little bit below what we would like to have it out here," said Dr. Charles Gillepsie.

Dr. Gillepsie heads up the Neighborhood Watch Program in the Doublegate Community. He feels confident the APD, which is now at full force, will make a difference.

"I have no doubt it will.  Most districts only have one officer at the time they are on duty. Having these additional officers, perhaps we'll have two additional officers in each district,"

And even before these brave men and women hit the streets, the citizens of Albany are confident they will work hard to keep city safe and crime free,

The  new officers are still in classes this week, but should start beginning their patrols next week.


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