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Marine facing child pornography enticement charges

September 18, 2007

Lee County-  A Master Sergeant at the Albany Marine Base is charged in a child pornography Internet sting.

Thirty-three year old Michael McNany is accused of sending nude pictures of himself over the computer to what he thought was a 15 year old girl. Turns out it was on-line investigators he was communicating with, Perverted Justice and the Twiggs County Georgia Sheriff's Office.

The Internet images investigators say Master Sergeant Michael McNany sent are too graphic to show you.

"The girl sent a picture of her face, and he sent pictures, some nude pictures," said Captain Miles O'Quinn.

Now, investigators have seized a personal computer, this laptop, and junk drives along with a web camera. The sting was set up by the Twiggs County Sheriff's Office and Perverted Justice. Posing as a 15 year old girl Perverted Justice and McNany exchanged emails and instant messages for two weeks starting mid August.

"We have a print out of it and I'd rather not get into that much detail about it," said O'Quinn.

During the conversations, they led McNany to believe he was communicating with a 15 year old girl.

"Within the first six lines of the very first chat with the person he was told that they were 15 and at several times throughout the multiple contacts it was brought up that she was 15 and he was 33," said O'Quinn.

The two talked about meeting either in Twiggs or Lee County, where McNany lives, but they never did. It's a case that should hit close to home for parents because McNany had both a MySpace page and accounts.

"The Internet is a wonderful tool to be able to go and do research and communicate with your friends and stuff like that but it is also a predators hunting ground," said Col Duane Sapp.

Out of the sting 11 were arrested including McNany, six of those were bold enough to show up at a set up house like this to meet the teen.

Because Michael McNany is an active marine, the military could charge him as well. MCLB will conduct its own investigation.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, one in seven children between the ages of ten and 17 has received a sexual solicitation or approach over the Internet. It's up to parents to monitor who children are talking to online. Law enforcers recommend you keep your home computer in a highly visible location in your home so you can see what your children are doing online. There's also software that can help parents keep track.

"There are programs out there that will actually report to you every site that a computer visits and every web page that they see every piece of chat that they do," said Col. Duane Sapp.

Parents should also talk with your children about the dangers, explain that you trust them, but you can't trust strangers on the Internet.



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