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Standards high for rebuilding SWAT

September 18, 2007

Albany -- The Albany-Dougherty SWAT team is slowly rebuilding, but the SWAT team commander says he won't stop at the minimum requirements.  

Just a couple of months ago, the SWAT team was reduced to as few as five members. Now, ten people are serving on the squad. The minimum suggested amount is 15 trained SWAT members, but Major Derrell Smith says he sees no reason to stop at 15, and it can only help to add to the team.      

"If we have qualified people I don't see us having to stop at 15. It's just a number. The more qualified people you have, the better you're going to be able to protect the community and do what you need to do," Smith said.  

Major Smith wears two hats now, also serving as Drug commander. He says one area the drug unit is concentrating heavily on is Mimosa Trailer Park, that has recently seen an influx of residents since Georgian Mobile Homes shut down.

He says with that increase in population has come an increase in drugs and prostitution, and they are conducting nightly stings to shut that crime down.