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Officers pull woman from car

September 18, 2007

Albany -- Dougherty County Police had to force a speeding car to stop last night, after the driver refused to pull over. Then they had to drag the driver out of the car.

Just before midnight, Dougherty County Police Officer Nanda Ross tried to pull over a car on Moultrie Road going 77 in a 55 mile per hour zone. But the driver ignored the officer's blue lights and command to pull over.

Dougherty County Police Chief Don Cheek said, "There were not high speeds, she just would not stop."

Finally nearly five miles after the pursuit started, three police cars with sirens and blue lights on hemmed in the moving car and forced it to stop.

Cheek said, "Not knowing what they had, they had weapons out, not pointed at her, but weapons out and ready, and told her to get out of the car."

Forty-eight-year-old Frances Bell was driving the car, but, police say, she still refused to answer their questions or follow their orders, so they forced her out of the car. She was arrested and taken to jail.

"He reached in and opened the door from the inside, took her by the arm and just got her out of the car. They didn't literally have to drag her out," Cheek said.

Chief Cheek says motorists must comply when officers in a marked police car pull them over, and cooperate. "It creates a potentially hazardous situation, not only for the offender, but especially for the officers."

Cheek says their Department Policy calls for the entire incident to be reviewed by a panel to make sure the Officers handled this pursuit in a correct manner. There is video tape of the incident, but could not be released until it's reviewed.

Officers say they found no alcohol or illegal materials in Bell's car.  Cheek says unfortunately it is not uncommon for motorists to refuse to follow Police orders during traffic stops.