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New faces sworn into the Albany Police Department

September 17, 2007

Albany -- Family and friends filled the room with pride on their faces. They watched as their loved ones took the final step toward being able to protect and serve on the streets of Albany. "It's been a long journey, and I am finally able to start my new career," said Hope Allen.

Seventeen new hands were raised as they promised to put their lives on the line for the people of Albany. It's a passion many have had for a long time. "Since childhood, its always been a dream and aspiration because of personal reasons dealing with my family members," said Allen.

"Its something that I was born with. Its always been a part of me. I have always felt the need to be a police officer," said Christopher Brown.

Family members pinned the new officers. Many knowing that their new career will be the source of countless sleepless nights. "It's been a great deal trying to balance both: entering a new career and being the mother of two children," said Allen.

A reoccurring theme at the ceremony: making the right choices. APD leaders want to make sure these new officers are honorable officers.

"Officers come in contact with a criminal element on a regular basis. So I think there are more opportunities. But I think we are developing ethical officers. We have added additional ethical training beyond what is in the academy, and we will continue to do that on an annual basis," said Albany Police Chief, James Younger.

Monday night, 17 new faces entered the department, and eight officers were promoted to the rank of corporal; all with new motivation of taking on the crime in Albany's streets.


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