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Dual students "bring a buddy" to class

September 17, 2007

Thomasville--  For 17-year-old Joshua Bussey, the automotive technology program at the technical school provides experiences he might not get in high school.  "It gives me the opportunity to go ahead and get started so I can get hands on experience so once I graduate I can already get set up with a good job," says Bussey.  Fellow freshman Justin Fielding adds, "You get to learn a lot more stuff that you normally wouldn't get to learn at high school."

Vice President of Student Affairs Joyce Halstead says their dual enrollment programs allow students a unique tool to transition.  "They love the hands on experience and they can see that the things that they are learning, the things that they are doing is relevant. And really its making academics relative to the world of work," Halstead says.

"It gets you into what you're about to do, whatever your plans are. If you're planning on going to college it totally prepares you," explains high school senior Victoria Herold.  So if full-time college is the next step for them, "I know what to expect, I know what the teachers are expecting of me so I'm not going to be very much surprised," Herold says.

Or if they plan to jump right into the work force, they'll be prepared.  "I'm figuring on going into the air force and plan on being an aerospace engineer so I figure maybe it can help me with these engines, so I can already know something about engines so it won't be a brand new situation," says Bussey.

As for the "buddies" who experienced college life for the first time today, "We're very hopeful that they're going to get excited and get on board and want to be enrolled as a dual student," Halstead explains. So even with a foot planted in two different worlds, they'll have a firm foundation for what's to come. 

Southwest Georgia tech also offers dual enrollment classes on high school campuses at Thomas County Central, Cairo, and Mitchell county high schools.

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