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Store owners hope surveillance cams "capture" armed robbers

September 17, 2007

Moultrie -- It is a convenience store clerk's worst fear; face hidden, and firearms drawn.

Surveillance footage captured two separate armed robberies at Moultrie convenience stores. One of them was deadly.

"You know there is crime every where you go, but I thought there was going to be less crime here.  The crime is just like where I come from. It's ridiculous I cant believe it," said California native Deborah Williams.

Williams is concerned about the rash of armed robberies, nearly a dozen this year in Moultrie, the city she now calls home. "It's a very small city for all of the crime they got going on around here," she said.

Robert West manages of the Jack Rabbit store in Moultrie. With the string of armed robberies occurring at nearby stores, he worries about the safety of his employees.

"When I go home for the evening I worry about my employees until I return the next day, because you never know what might happen," he said.

In an effort to deter crime, his store uses at total of 16 indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras.

The multiple camera's film different angles of the store. It is recorded to a DVD format with color and real time motion. This hi-tech method is a successful tool used in deterring armed robberies before they happen, and capturing the suspects when they do.

"With the camera systems we have now days, it's a more crisp, clear view. If they do come in, eventually we're going to get them," said West.

While the masked faces of armed robbers often hide important details, advanced surveillance technologies now provide a clearer picture; one that's helpful in tracking down the dangerous suspects.

Moultrie Police are increasing patrols around stores. A $2,500.00 reward is offered in the deadly June 19th robbery at the Qwik Mart.


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