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Dougherty County H.E.A.T. units recognized by peers

September 17, 2007

Dougherty County -- They're on the highways and doing what they can to keep you safe. "They have been tops since they started, and Dougherty County has truly benefited from their presence,"said Dougherty County Police Chief, Don Cheek.

And now the state knows it, too. "The awards they received are recognition from their peers from around the state. A testament to the outstanding job this unit has done," said Chief Cheek.

"Its great motivation for our program to show that we are having success with it, and our statewide pears have recognized us," said Lieutenant T.S. Jackson.

And getting the 2007 Speed Enforcement Award has been no easy task. "We accomplished our goal and we exceeded it every month. And that is what we got this award for, and we went above and beyond the call of duty," said Lt. Jackson.

Once you cross the Dougherty County line, H.E.A.T. officers will be on the prowl. " The last thing you want to see is a police officer in your rear view mirror, but if you commit a traffic violation that is where there are going to be. And being there is what has resulted in our fatality rate being cut in half," said Lt. Jackson.

So though we all hate to get a speeding ticket, its only to keep our roads safe.

The Dougherty County Police Department got a 3-thousand dollar grant for its second place finished in the Governor's Challenge. They'll use that money to buy another radar.


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