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Recovered property displayed

September 17, 2007

Albany --  Theft victims were given a chance to look at stolen items recovered by the Albany Police Department, and see if any of it belonged to them.

The stolen property was recovered last Wednesday from two homes on Mulberry and Tift Avenue.  Today more than a dozen theft victims were invited to look through the recovered property, to see if they could identify theirs. 

Many of the theft victims were construction managers, who had windows, doors, tools, and tubs stolen from their construction sites.

Randy Reese had more than $1,800 worth of custom windows and doors stolen from a home being built off U.S. 19 in Lee County, but he did not find much Monday.

"No, we got one window that might match some of the windows missing, and door.  But just one window," said Reese.

No one has been arrested in the recovery of this stolen property.  The people looking through the stolen property had to give serial numbers or positive proof of ownership to claim the stolen property.