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Charges dropped for one of "Jena Six"

September 15, 2007

Albany -- It's a controversial case making headlines all over the country. New developments in the Jena Six controversy is getting some mixed reaction.

Charges have been dropped for one of the "Jena Six." Seventeen-year-old Mychal Bell was found guilty of aggravated battery last June and faced up to 15 years in prison.

But a Louisiana appeals court ruled late Friday that Bell, should not have been tried as an adult.

Several Albany State University students plan to attend a national protest in Jena this month. Many students say the whole situation seems unreal.

"I think that's crazy because we left this slavery thing a long time ago," said ASU freshman, Brittany Burton. "They have laws against that. And for them not to take that seriously, hanging nooses from trees where the know the African Americans hang out at. That's crazy I don't think that's fair."

Mychal Bell was the first of six African-American teens tried on charges stemming from a December 4th beating of Justin Barker. Bell has been jailed without bail since his arrest.


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