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Pepsi, Theme park help keep Georgia clean

September 14, 2007

Valdosta - Governor Sonny Perdue is taking steps to keep Georgia beautiful.

Friday, he announced a partnership with Pepsi and wild adventures theme park.

All Pepsi delivery trucks will display anti-litter messages and the anti-litter campaign slogan: Litter. It costs you.

He says litter costs the state millions of dollars to clean up and he hope the partnership will help people think before they throw.  "Most people want to do the right thing I believe and if you are getting to throw something out of your car and your behind this Pepsi truck that says litter, it costs you, it might make them think again," says Governor Sonny Perdue.

Wild Adventures will wrap all their trash bins with the anti-litter message and and work it into the educational programs taught to school groups visiting the park.