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Highway 133 Widening Project Moving Forward

September 13, 2007

Moultrie - - The Department of Transportation is moving forward with plans to widen an important South Georgia Highway. The plan would four-lane Georgia Highway 133 from Lowndes County to Moultrie and possibly on to Albany.

Supporters say the project is needed and will boost business, but some skeptics who got a look at the plans Thursday night aren't so sure.

One part of Highway 133 in Moultrie has four lanes. But, most of the highway in Colquitt County and all the way into Lowndes County is just two lanes. State leaders want to change that.

"Our traffic volume is climbing on these roads and were trying to flow traffic a lot easier," says Craig Solomon with the Department of Transportation.

The project has five different phases. From Lowndes County to Brooks County, over 8,000 vehicles drove on Highway 133 in 2004. In 2010, state leaders expect that traffic to increase to over 10,000 vehicles. So the state wants to widen the highway and add medians at different phases of the road.

Some aren't racing to see it happen.

"There are a lot of double wides and houses that are along this road and some people might actually have to move their property back because it's only going to leave them about 50 feet up front," says taxpayer Kevin Roberts.

Transportation workers say they're taking the people's concerns into account.

"Through our comment box, our court reporter, and our website, we've gotten feedback as to what they want, as to where their properties are located and how its going to affect them," Solomon says.

Roberts hopes they're listening. If you ask him, the project is unnecessary.

"I don't understand. It's a four lane there already. Taxpayers done paid for it once, why we gonna pay for it twice?" he asks.

State leaders say the price tag will bring results - more traffic to spur business and help the economy and also a wider, safer road for the many semis that drive here everyday. 

Construction is expected to get underway by 2011.  Engineers say each phase could take at least two years to finish.

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