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Albany burglary suspect has previous record

September 13, 2007

Albany -- Wednesday night we told you that Steven Hicks had been arrested and charged with nine counts of burglary, including the break ins  at Sizemore Brothers Plumbing in two weeks.

Billy Goodson from Pollock Heating and Cooling, just two blocks south on North Washington, said he watched that report with interest. Goodson said "he sounded very familiar when I heard that name on TV, and I went and pulled my files. Same guy that was breaking into my place in February several times, was caught and convicted."

Hicks was charged with breaking into Pollock's February 17, 21, and 28th. He was convicted of theft by taking April 23, and sentenced to 60 days in jail. Just a little over four months later Hicks is arrested for a string of burglaries on the same street, using the same pattern of theft.

James Sizemore said the thefts have been frustrating, because he was telling the Police who he suspected for weeks, but he is glad Hicks is finally behind bars now. James Sizemore said "I feel good about it. It was the guy all the clues were leading to."

Sizemore and Goodson say they have spent thousands of dollars to protect their businesses, but the crooks keep coming. Goodson said "you can put up all the alarm systems you want, but I think the one like this guy know they have a certain amount of time to get in and get out."

Sizemore says he has learned the crime problem downtown is worse than he believed, and Police need help. Sizemore said "they're understaffed. Now I don't know how they get to all of it with all the crime that's going on."

Sizemore says he is glad Hicks is behind bars, but he knows he had other people working with him. So he is adding a new dog inside his business, along with thousands of dollars in alarm systems upgrades, to protect his property.


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