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Moultrie store robbed a second time

September 13, 2007

Moultrie-  A Moultrie Convenience store was held up last night for the second time in a month. Dramatic surveillance video shows the suspect in action.

On surveillance video from the Express Lane on North Main Street, you can see the gunman with a red T-shirt wrapped around his head, enter the store with his gun drawn. The man wastes no time, heading to the front counter, pointing the gun at clerks who put their hands up, then begin giving the gunman what he wants, money and cigars. Police say they've had a hard time catching the thieves because of the disguises.

"They're being pretty good with wearing disguises, ski masks, gloves," said Officer Dave Underwood.

Clerks pushed a button under the counter calling police who arrived moments later, but couldn't find the suspect. Police are asking anyone who may recognize the suspect to contact the Moultrie Police Department.



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