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Valdosta food bank is running low

September 13, 2007

Valdosta - Food at the second harvest food bank in Valdosta has been flying off the shelves faster than years before.  "We have had a major influx of people. We don't know if its the job situation that's in the area right now. We've had a lot of homeless people coming in to the office and calling," says Development Director Shannon Zapf.

And they haven't even reached the holiday season, their busiest time of year.  "Higher utility bills and with the change in the weather, people are getting sick and are going to the doctors so they have less money to buy food," says Food Director Jack Broomberg.

They expect to distribute about two million pounds of food and hot meals between October and January. But with supplies in such a high demand all year, the donations at the food bank are critically low.  "We also provided food boxes for senior citizens for Thanksgiving and being low on canned goods is going to put us in jeopardy of what we can put in those boxes for senior citizens," Zapf says.

To keep their ten county area from going hungry, they need your help.  "We need our community and our businesses to help us restock the shelves," Broomberg says.

They are currently planning some food drives but can't do it alone. They say they are going to need a lot of help and volunteers to restock the shelves one can at a time.

The food bank says canned meats and vegetables are needed most to help get through the holidays.



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