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Albany Police look for burglary suspects

September 12, 2007

Albany--  Albany Police issued arrest warrants for four suspects in a rash of burglaries at East Albany construction sites and businesses.

Search warrants were served Wednesday at two East Albany homes, one in the 1000 block of East Tift and another in the 1400 block of Mulberry.

A truckload of stolen merchandise was recovered.  It included everything from a garden tub to hand tools and windows. The items were all stolen over the past two months. Police are looking for four suspects but believe more burglars may be involved.

"We've already made some identification on some properties. We've had several owners come out and review the property. We're hoping with additional investigation and as we go through each piece of property, we can find out who it belongs to," said Lt. John Prickett with APD.

Police also recently recovered a huge air-conditioning unit. Police hope to have the suspects in custody soon. They're urging anyone who's had items stolen recently to call Albany Police at 229-431-2100. It will help if you have serial numbers.



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