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Woman says she will appeal harsh sentence

September 12, 2007

Albany -- Rebecca Camp admits she did go to Sylvester Road Elementary twice in February and confront a teacher her seven year old son told her was mistreating him, but says she does not deserve to spend 120 days in jail for it. Camp said "which I understand, the safety of the school, but the punishment did not fit the crime."

Camp plead guilty Monday in court to ten charges including disrupting school, terroristic threats, and battery, but now says she did not threaten to kill the teacher or push an administrator. Camp said "I did use profanity, but I didn't do all these things that I was accused of."

Camp said her second grader said his teacher called him a fool, and was mistreating him. She said she went to the school Principal and School Superintendent officials, but her son said the mistreatment continued. Camp said "I tried to do everything right, follow the chain of command, and I was ignored. That's why I went to the school and I reacted the way I did."

 Her lawyer advised her to plead guilty, which she now wishes she had not. Camp said "from day one I never had a chance, they was out to make an example out of me."

 District Attorney Ken Hodges said "you can not allow parent to go in and confront teachers about the way they interact with students in front of the other students. There are procedures in place."

Camp says it was later that she learned her son had made up the whole story, but it was too late. Camp said "I later found out my son was lying, and I apologized to her when I went to court."

Camp says now she is looking for another lawyer to appeal her sentence, but she is scheduled to start serving weekends in Jail September 21st.

Camp could have been sentenced to eight years in prison for the crimes she plead guilty to. She says she is having trouble arranging relatives to keep her three children while she serves her sentence.

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