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New OJ Simpson book generates controversy

September 12, 2007

Albany--On September 13th, a highly, controversial book by OJ Simpson will finally hit bookstore shelves.  The book is called "If I did It: The Confessions of the Killer." It is so controversial that stores like Target and Wal-mart say they won't carry it.

It was the trial that captivated America for months.  And now, OJ Simpson is once again back in the headlines with his controversial new book.

"I think it's crazy. It'll make folks think he really did it," says one Albany resident.

The book is already raising eyebrows among many south Georgians like Craig Jones.

"If you didn't do it, you just didn't do it. Just leave it alone, you don't have to write a book to prove your innocence to anybody," says Jones.

In the book, Simpson describes how he would have murdered his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ronald Goldman--but only hypothetically.

In a FOX promo, Simpson states:

"I don't think two people could have been murdered without everybody being covered in blood," says Simpson.

"I always thought he was guilty anyway. To me this just confirms that really," says Steve Tiernan.

"He just has no conscience that's it. It just doesn't hurt him at all," says Ben Rivera.

While this book is just a work of fiction, some people believe it is, in fact, Simpson's confession to the double murders he was once accused of.

"Pretty much," says Jones.

"I wouldn't pay for a book that was committed on a crime," says Rivera.

But whether the book becomes a best seller, for now remains a mystery. As for south Georgians picking up a copy:

"Would you want to read it? Nope," says Jones.

"I wouldn't buy it because I would know that I would be helping him out," says Tiernan.

Initially, HarperCollins planned to publish the book last year but canceled those plans after the negative response it received from the public.  A Florida court has since assigned the rights of the book to the family of Ronald Goldman and a new publisher, Beaufort Books, will release it with the profits from it going to the Goldmans.



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