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Bronwood man wants to see city follow through

September 11, 2007

Bronwoo -- When you're a property owner, the last thing you want is for the property around you to be covered with junk, bringing the value of your property down.

But for a Bronwood man, that's just what happened. He's been complaining for 10 months, and nothing's been done, until today.

Urvan Brown works hard to keep his property looking good. He keeps the lawn cut and landscaped, but when you look out the front door, it's not the flowers you notice.

It's a huge pile of junk!

"You bring your stuff and sit it right in my front door and you expect me to sit back and look over it. I'm tired of looking over it," said Brown.

Brown says last November property owner Jerry Seymour dumped old appliances and a trailer in an empty lot, and since last November, Brown has been asking the city council to have them removed.

"Every month we go through the same thing. They're going to talk to him, they're going to talk to him."

But so far, nothing's been done. "This here's been sitting out here 10, 11 months and today it's still sitting out here."

But hopefully not for much longer. "That will be taken care of," said Bronwood Mayor Reubin Hawkins. "I went over and took a look at the stuff. Today, we're going to tag it off, rope it off with yellow tape, put a tag on it and give the man at least 15 days to move it."

Mayor Hawkins says he sent Seymour a letter just this morning informing the property owner that he's in violation of a city ordinance and can be fined $1,000 a day, if it's not cleaned up within that time period.

Hawkins says Seymour has agreed to clean up the site. "It will get taken care of."

Another main concern for Brown is the row of abandoned buildings along Main Street. Windows are broken out, leaving sharp pieces of glass behind. Plus, there are areas where folks can crawl right in the windows and inside these unsafe buildings.

But this is another project the Mayor says he has on his list. "I've gotten with the people who own those buildings. They will donate money so I can get plywood, board them up, get seasonal workers to help board them up and paint them. All this stuff right here is in the making."

To make this town of 513, a place everyone who lives here will be happy to call home.

Mayor Hawkins says if the property owner doesn't clean up, he'll have someone remove the items from the property--  and bill the owner.


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