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Police: 45 Year Old Committed Suicide

September 11, 2007

Albany -- We have more details on a story we first brought you earlier. Police now say a fatal shooting in a Burger King Parking Lot in downtown Albany was a suicide. Relatives of the 45 year old man got word Tuesday afternoon. 

Around 2:00 Tuesday afternoon, the Burger King on West Ogelthrope in Albany became the scene of a criminal investigation.

Police shut down the area and didn't allow anyone to enter the property. Even employees here didn't quite know what was going on.

"We were inside working, then somebody said a police and an ambulance were out there," Temil King says.

Police pried open a gray Ford F-150 to recover the body of David Reynolds, a 45-year old pharmaceutical sales representative from Albany.

The Enterprise Rental truck was parked in the back of the parking lot. Employees recall seeing it yesterday.

"When I came out here last night, it was still out here, then when I came this morning, it was parked out there," King says.

Someone who happened to be walking by spotted the body inside the truck and called police. Police found the body next to a gun inside of the truck. They wouldn't classify it as a suicide initially.

"A lot of people might think that, then other people might think its something else so until we can determine the exact cause of death, we're not going to rule anything out," Lt. Kendra Wilson said.

After further investigation, a few hours later, they made the call, forced with the sad task of informing Reynolds' family, he took his life at Burger King.

Reynolds leaves behind a wife and three children. He was an active member of Sherwood Baptist Church and also active at Sherwood Christian Academy.  

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