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Ministers: We Can Fight Crime

September 10, 2007

Albany - - South Georgia ministers say they refuse to sit silently, so they are stepping forward to fight crime in our community. Earlier this year, Albany Police Chief James Younger called on ministers to support him during public controversy over his leadership.

Now, another group of ministers is forming, they say to take back the streets and re-unite the Christian community, especially after a very public incident that made national headlines involving two well known ministers in Georgia.

They're rallying for a reason.

"There's so much crime going on, so much poverty, so much hunger you name it and it's happening nowadays and if we come together as one, we can get the job done," says Organizer Dr. Henry Brown.

Brown is spearheading an initiative to unite area ministers. This weekend they're planning to take their message to the streets in a unity march.

He says their role as ministers impact the entire community, even those outside of the church.

"I think we need a little more crying aloud in our sermons and in the streets and I think we need to be more of an example also," Brown says.

Two internationally known ministers have made headlines lately. Bishop Thomas Weeks of Atlanta was accused by his wife televangelist Juanita Bynum last month of pushing, choking, kicking, and stomping her in a hotel parking lot.

"Do you think its the role of ministers to maybe teach even life principles such as domestic violence?" we asked Brown.

"Exactly," he replied.

Other ministers in the group feel the same way and believe the unfortunate incident is all the more reason for Christians to unite.

"It will cause us to be on our p's and q's and that we should check ourselves and make sure that we are living right," says Minister Joann Tyson.

So they can reach the masses. Not just by what they preach, but by what they practice.

"This is the beginning of something great, showing the unity of the body of Christ and showing strength," Tyson says. 

A strength that's stronger they say than that of criminals.

"Once they see we have come together, it's going to stop some of that violence," says Bishop John Burr.

Christian Community leaders stepping forward to lead the fight against crime.  

Anyone who wants to attend the unity march this weekend is invited. It will take place Saturday morning at 9 o'clock. The group is meeting on the corner of Highland and South Slappey.