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Teen arrested following police chase through 3 counties

September 10, 2007

Ashburn -- It was a busy Saturday morning for Turner County Sheriff Randy Kendrick and his deputies, who along with Crisp County authorities were in pursuit of two men inside a stolen GMC pickup along I-75.

"I got involved in the chase around exit 75. I got out in front of the subjects. They were running about 65-70 miles per hour. I was trying to get them to slow down and stop. They attempted to ram me," said Kendrick.

The chase began just after 6:30 AM Saturday in Crisp County. It all started after police received a call about a gas drive off in Dooly County. Even with deputies in pursuit, the driver refused to stop.

Kendrick said, "They did attempt several times to slam on brakes in front of the units. When they did that, that makes it an aggravated assault. They were endangering the lives of all the deputies involved, and everyone traveling up and down the highway,"

Behind the wheel of the stolen truck was 17-year-old Shawn Wamhoff, who eventually lead deputies into Tift County. It was off the Willis Steel Road exit where Sheriff Kendrick saw his chance to end the chase.

"When they did come by I fired two shots from my shotgun to try and shoot the tires out. I did not hit the tires, but I did successfully puncture the gasoline tank."

Low on fuel, the chase ended in a nearby cotton patch with both suspects surrendering. The damage to police cruisers can still be seen from the attempted pit maneuvers to get the car to stop.

Sheriff Kendrick says while the chase ended successfully, his main concern was keeping other motorist on the road safe during this chase.

He stated, "We don't want any motorists or any pedestrians that may be out there involved in something that's going on like this."

Police say the truck was stolen from Clayton County. Wamhoff faces several charges in multiple counties including DUI, wreck less driving and driving without a licence.

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