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Jail drug treatment program works

September 10, 2007

Albany - There's no question about it, many of the folks locked up for criminal activity have a history of drug abuse. Once those folks are released, however, the jail administrators don't want them to come back.

That's why a substance abuse program has been in place at the Dougherty county jail for several years now, a program that's working. Of the 920 inmates who went through the program and were released, 640 have remained out of jail and of those who returned, only 110 returned for drug charges.

Cpl. Anita Allen said, "Using drugs, it tears them down. It's hard for them to make a decent living, to find a place to live. Most of them are homeless because they're so caught up on drugs. We try to teach them that so they can be able to live out their on their own and be able to get a job, be able to deal with their families and any other problems they may have."

In the five years the program has been operating, it has cost about $230,000, paid for by drug offenders. But the program has also saved the county money. Each inmate who completes the program earns one day of good time for every seven days they're in jail, saving the county close to $725,000.

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