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The birds will come to RiverQ

September 10, 2007

Albany -- With a reprieve from financial disaster, the Flint RiverQuairum is now planning to grow.   An Aviary may soon be under construction, which they hope will attract more visitors.  

Although the voters said yes to a $1 Million Aviary at the Flint RiverQuarium, its future wasn't clear-- until now.

"It will be a whole new dimension to the Riverquarium for the experience for the visitor and we've poised to get it underway," said Scott Loehr, Flint RiverQuarium CEO.

A money shortage put the project on hold, but the city and county bailed out the Riverquarium and now the project can move forward.

"You will be able to not only see the birds though the netting, but you will be able to go inside the Aviary and experience the birds. They can come and literally fly on your shoulder if you like," said Architect Derrell McGee.

While the project will cost close to a million dollars, that money was approved and set aside through a special tax.

Unlike the tanks and aqariums which are costly to keep up, the Aviary will be outdoors so it won't have to be heated and cooled and will cost much less to run.

"Much greater impact on the income side as opposed to the expense side on this project," said Loehr.

Bringing in a much larger audience, with a new event taking the RiverQuarium to new heights.

Construction will begin about six weeks after the commission votes to give the Riverquarum money.


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