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Fridays on the Flint is here!

September 7, 2007

Albany--If you're looking for a fun way to spend your Friday night, you might want to check out Downtown Albany.

That's because Albany Tomorrow is debuting its first "Fridays on the Flint" later this evening on the corner of South Jackson and Broad Avenue.

Downtown Albany is about to get a lot livelier starting every Friday.

"Hey, we're all excited about it," says New York Fashions business owner, William Livingston.

Fridays on the Flint will mean big business for downtown merchants like Livingston.

"Because it gives us a chance to showcase our stores, our products, and services to the public," he says.

"We'll have live entertainment. There will be things for kids today. And we want it to be a family oriented event," says Albany Tomorrow's Cullena Morman.  She is helping spearhead the special downtown event designed to generate more traffic to the downtown area.

"We're hoping that once they see that downtown is vibrant and alive again, it'll attract other establishments to the downtown area.  We've talked with the people in Augusta, Georgia because they also do a first Fridays. We've been told on their First Fridays they can have anywhere from 10,000 people in their downtown," says Morman.

And to entice folks to visit downtown Albany, merchants will offer the public promotional incentives.

"New York Fashions and all the other stores will be open with a lot of sales going on, a lot of fifty percent off on items," says Livingston.

"And we've advertised those discounts in all of our advertisements for Fridays on the Flint," says Morman.

Both say these incentives will remind people that the heart of Albany is alive and well. "We have a lot of things downtown that people just don't know are here. This will give us an opportunity to showcase our stores and what products and services we do have," says Livingston.

Livingston says it's fun events like these that will ultimately bring life back into the downtown area."That's what's going to help the downtown growth. We've got to put inphasis back on the infrastructure of downtown," he says.

Now the event is free to the public. The event will kick off at 5 PM and last through 10 PM.It will take place at the corner of South Jackson and Broad Avenue.  For more information, you can contact Albany Tomorrow at 430-3910.

If you come out the event, there will certainly be plenty to do. Several bands will take the stage.  There will also be several vendors, as well as fun games for the kids.   The Red Shift and The Jay Blues Band are scheduled to perform. DJ Jackson Riley will also emcee the event.



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