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Support for Stroke Victims & Their Families

September 6, 2007

Fitzgerald - - A high percentage of people in South Georgia are at high risk of having a stroke, so an area hospital formed a group to educate people and offer support.

Stroke of Luck is a new support group offered at Dorminy Medical Center in Fitzgerald for stroke survivors and care givers.

The group brings in guest speakers from medical groups and experts familiar with strokes.  

"Stroke victims will be able to communicate with other stroke victims. They can share their experiences, whether their having depression, problems speaking, paralysis. They can talk about how they coped with their problems. One persons problem may be someone else's strength and so they can give them clues of things that will help them," says speech pathologist Donna Brown.

She says stroke can affect anyone but there are several risk factors like diet, exercise, even a person's cultural background.

The next support meeting will take place at 6 PM on September 18th at the hospital in Fitzgerald.


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