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Concern over effects of recalled toys

September 6, 2007

Albany-  There's been recall after recall of toys made in China and a new warning Thursday there's more to come. Tuesday Mattel recalled nearly 900,000 toys because of excessive levels of lead paint. Thursday we talked to a local doctor about how these toys could be effecting kids and what parents need to watch for.

More toy recalls because of excessive lead levels in the paint have more parents like Jeanette Snedden raiding the shelves of their toy rooms.

"I had to put up all of our Polly Pockets sets, so we had quite a few Polly Pocket sets so, most people with little girls do," said Jeannette Snedden, a concerned parent.

It's left many parents questioning what is safe and what kind of an effect will these toys deemed unsafe have on their children.

"The problem with toys that have lead is that children put everything in their mouths and that's really how children are exposed," said Dr. Joyce Neal, South Albany Medical Center Pediatrician.

The good news is children who regularly attend the pediatrician, especially those on Medicaid, are checked for lead levels, when they have blood drawn.

"In this part of the country levels are generally two, three, and four, and we actually get a little nervous if they're eight, nine, or ten because that means there's some source in the environment," said Neal.

Doctor's say, effects of lead poisoning can be serious.

"The big concern with lead is that it affect your brain development and those children have problems later in school and also with hyperactivity but it takes a very high lead level to give you symptoms," said Neal.

Parents say while it tough and kids don't understand why the toys are being taken away.

"Taking some of these toys away, I mean it's real hard on them but I try and do it when they're not looking," said Snedden.

It's become a necessary evil to ensure their safety. Doctors say, it would take a child chewing on a toy for a significant amount to time to cause lead poisoning.



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