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Two Albany firefighters hurt fighting blaze

September 6, 2007

Albany -- Two Albany Firefighters suffer minor injuries while battling an early morning blaze.

The fire started about 5:30 Thursday morning under a house in the 12 hundred block of West Whitney. The house was being renovated, and no one was inside when the fire broke out.

Investigators say a short in faulty wiring under the house started the blaze. Most of the inside of the home was burned, and the roof collapsed.

One firefighter, Brian Anderson, suffered a muscle injury while pulling a hose. Firefighter Christopher Bullard was hit on the head when the ceiling collapsed. Chief James Carswell said "sheet rock and everything fell from the ceiling and hit him. He has experienced some soreness, and we need to check it out and make sure he is ok."

Both firefighters went to the Doctor for examination after the fire was put out, and both should return to duty soon.  

There have been five firefighters report injuries on the job so far this year, all minor.

Firefighters estimated the damage from Thursday morning's fire between 25 to 30 thousand dollars.


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