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Patriot Field of Flags

September 6, 2007

Albany -- There's a sea of American flags outside the Albany Mall this week. The one thousand flags are a tribute to our military and to emergency responders on September 11, 2001.  

Southwest Georgia Exchange member Marvin Mixon said "it's a memorial for Patriots Day, September 11th, " as he and other club members set up one thousand American flags in a field.

The Southwest Georgia Exchange Club Thursday morning put up the Patriots Field of Flags beside the Albany Mall. Club President Lamar Deaver said "the purpose of this is to display the symbol of our freedom. And to let the guys know that, and the people who are home, let them know that we still believe in what they are doing."

The flags will stand until Sunday at 3 O-clock, when a Memorial Ceremony will honor fallen troops from Georgia. Mixon said "Sunday afternoon we will read the names of right now, we have 120 names of Georgians who have died in Afghanistan and Iraq since March 2003. We will read those names."

 South Georgia First Responders will read the names of the fallen, to honor their service as well. Deaver said "just like at 9-11, the firemen and the police officers who lost their lives, we appreciate them too. We are trying to honor those along with the military."

Wendy Sullivan, the wife of a Marine stationed in Albany, and her friend Vicki Poole helped set up the field of flags, because they thought it was important and meaningful.  Mixon said "the flag stands for our country, and the greatness, and the men and women who have sacrificed for it."

 Individual flags can be dedicated to honor loved ones for $25, and after the ceremony the person who dedicated the flag can take it home to fly. Deaver said "hopefully it would thrill us if we could see one thousand flags in Albany yards come Monday morning."

 The money raised from the flag dedications will go to support the Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation and Child Abuse Prevention Programs in Albany.

If you would like to dedicate one of the one thousand flags, you can purchase it before the memorial ceremony  Sunday in the field west of the Albany Mall.


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